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A diary concerning all kinds of chocolate. Here I'll comment on chocolate websites and post test protocolls as well as write about other subjects tied to my favourite pastime. I'll test chocolate of all varieties, from the cheap bars at the shop around the corner to the criollo pralines from Fortnum & Mason.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Some notes from the brown book

Well, since we take down our notes in swedish I'm not sure of some of the english opposites to the special terms used by chocolate lovers. Hope you'll understand anyhow.

Two chocolate bars bought at the shop down the corner


Click: Blunt to bad
Bitterness: Marked but not exagerated
Sweetness: High level
Mouth feeling: Soft, somewhat harsh
Hot chocolate: -
Allergy friendly: No (contains traces of nuts)

Everyday chocolate trying to be posh.

Mörk choklad

Click: Good
Bitterness: Non-excistent
Sweetness: High
Hot chocolate: Not good. The melted pieces forms lumps in the hot milk and refuses to disolve no matter how hard you whisk it.
Allergy friendly: No (contains traces of nuts)

Good as everyday godies, good for baking


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