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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

How to make good hot chocolate.

You need

  • milk approx. 2dl/person
  • fine chocolate, at least 71% - 88% is the ideal
  • optional: vanilla sugar
  • optional: cinnamon stick

Heat the milk until it on the verge of boiling. Add 2 (88%) or 3 (71%) pieces of the fine chocolate and the cinnamon stick if you chose to add it. Lift the cauldron of the heat and whisk the milk untill the chocolate has disolved. Using a mechanical latte mixer is helpful, and almost the only way to avoid getting little segments of undisolved chocolate floating around in the milk. The sight is not unappetizing, but will irritate your inner perfectionist. The latte mixer will also cover the surface of the chocolate with soft froth, which is a plus. Remove the cinnamon stick before you serve the chocolate. If anyone complains over bitterness give her/him a small spoon of vanilla sugar for the drink - the vanilla softens the possible harshness of the chocolate.

If you're only cooking for one or two persons it's quite possible to heat the milk in the cups in the micro. Be careful with the latte mixer though - it's an adventure to use in a full cup.

I've used this recipe, minus the cinnamon and vanilla suger, where ever the chocolate tested is tested as hot chocolate.


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