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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Banned from chocolate?

For various reasons I haven't been able to eat chocolate for over two months. It has been one of the toughest times of my life. No strolling down to Anneli K and test her gourmet chocolate, no chocolate bar at the local shop and not even a cup of cocoa for the evening. As it seems now, things are getting better and in a few weeks I'll probably indulge in my favourite vice again. In the meantime I'll publish some of my old testresult here.

A reader of this blog told me to take a look at the movie "Chocolate" some time ago (I know - I'm a very irregular blogger). I haven't come round to it yet, but I'll certainly will. That movie seems to catch at least some of the things I like about chocolate; it's tasty and sexy.

Have you ever noticed that the darker chocolate a person eats, the less sense of humour does she or he appear to have - at least when it comes to this subject? It's as if the higher percentage makes sommeliers sprout from perfectly sane people. Nothing bad about sommeliers, but why make something grave serious out of a perfect treat? It's candy, it's supposed to be fun.

The swedish magazine I bought yesterday ("Journal chocolat" website: gives proof to the fact. At least one sommelier turns up, and what wine to drink while testing chocolate is discussed (oh, I admit that they discuss beer and whisky too, but in a dead serious way). Two articles lightens up this massive classy magazine; one about taiwanese boob tea and one about Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream.

I admit that I'm drawn to the classy and posh air that surrounds dark chocolate, and that's is one of the fun things about it. However I draw a line at sommeliers, as I said; it's candy, not the gateway to posh heaven.

But I'll quit whining. I've bought a bucket of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and will try it out after I've finished this post.


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