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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sheep milk chocolate

This is a bit embarrassing. The chocolate bar of this week was a bar of milk chocolate made from sheep milk. Eventhough we normaly eat dark chocolate I chose the milk variety to better be able to distinguish the difference between this one and 'normal' chocolate. I'd completely forgotten how munchable milk chocolate is. Before I even had a chance to think about the brown book, the bar had disappeared.

This is why you don't get a full test protocol on this one, but rather a small essay.


Whole Milk Chocolate

with Sheeps milk

at least 36%

I have to admit that I in one way expected the chocolate to taste like feta cheese with chocolate flavouring. It didn't. In fact it tasted som much like other milk chocolate that I had to by a Marabou Milk Chocolate bar (more or less the standard chocolate in Sweden) to have something to compare with. The comparison might be a bit unfair, since fudge are added to the Marabou chocolate to make it more rich. If any of the bars resembled chocolate seasoned feta it was the Marabou one, probably because of the fudge content.

The Choco-Lina bar was well worth it. It was sweet, of course, a sweetness with a pleasant tingle on the tongue. The pieces melted fast in the mouth without leaving any film (I hadn't noticed that milk chocolate can do that untill I made this test). The chocolate taste was perfect.
Plus: The wrapping succeeds in looking both luxurious and cute.

This is the bar you give as a present to a friend that like exotic food but doesn't like the idea of dark chocolate.


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