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Friday, September 01, 2006

Chocolate Serenity

I couldn't resist it. My comment to Newtrees Serenity chocolate made me wonder what kind of chocolate the crew of Serenity would enjoy. Let's start with:

Cpt Malcolm Reynolds
O yeah, he eats chocolate. He even considers it good, but take note if he offers you some; by good chocolate he means something that isn't mouldy or infested with worms. If he is busy protecting his crew he probably won't mind a few specks or wiggly things either.

Zoe Washburn
In general not a gourmet due to her work and circumstances, but has come across chocolate often enough to take a liking to dark bitter varieties. The few times she can enjoy chocolate together with her husband is when they eat Sacher torte.

"Wash" (Hoban) Washburn
The chocolate bunny type. His favourite chocolate are bound to the hollidays and he recieves chocolate santas, easter bunnies, moon hares and other figurines wrapped in colourfull tinfoil due to the season and the wealth of Zoe. He returns the favour with a small bar of her favourite, and they are extremely fortunate when it comes to share a packet of assorted chocolates.

Inara Serra
Luxury chocolate is indirectly a part of her job, and she has taken a liking to filled ones. They are allways provided by her customers, exqusitely made and has a niche of their own in the future stockmarket. Since she only eats one or two, she brings the box home and shares with Kaylee.

Kaylee Frye
Does like filled chocolate too, especially the milk chocolate ones. She notes the difference between Inara's and her own (which she buys at the closest food store at hand), but doesn't really mind about it. If Simon presents her with chocolate she always eats it too fast.

Jayne Cobb
Orange crunch milk chocolate. If he comes by the Newtree variety (or the future equivalent) he makes a show of pointing out how ridiculus the wrapping is. To avoid such embarrassing occasions he has hidden several bars behind the weapons in his bunk.

Shepherd Book
You never see Book buying his own chocolate. When he's offered a taster from someone else he's instantly able to tell what brand, manufacturer and bean it originates from. This includes Wash's easterbunnies.

Simon Tam
The belgian chocolate type; dark and sweet. If he buys some, he buys a napolitan of the most expensive variety to find. Sometimes he even gets a clue and buy some for Kaylee too. On the other hand he's always too absent minded to tell her that it's supposed to be enjoyed sloooowly and stands crestfallen when she asks for more.

River Tam
Since River's reality is complicated she preferes chocolate, ie. a simple bar of dark chocolate in between 40-70% of cocoa. However, if Jayne leaves some of his bars around she grabs it, tells him
"It's just an object."
and devours it before he has a chance to react. In the ensuing brawl she gives the most equisite and innocent doe eyes.

Sweet indulgances!


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