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A diary concerning all kinds of chocolate. Here I'll comment on chocolate websites and post test protocolls as well as write about other subjects tied to my favourite pastime. I'll test chocolate of all varieties, from the cheap bars at the shop around the corner to the criollo pralines from Fortnum & Mason.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chocolate Jesus

If you ever feel like combining your christian of jewish faith with chocolate, this site is what you need. You can chose if you want your angel/Jesus/Mazel Tov card/whatever in white, milk or dark chocolate, and the angels even have golden wings.

Religious chocolate on Chocolate Fantasies

(They do have "adult chocolate" too, and boy is it adult! Don't go there if you are under 18 or easily embarrased. Remember that I warned you! There are things that I indeed can give to my husband, but my ears would be brightly pink.)


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