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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Muddus choklad

Today has been an extremely warm day in Sweden. It was warm enough to make 70% chocolate as soft as milk chocolate and we've mostly stayed inside to keep "cool". One of my friends came to visit us, and brought pralines from a small company in northern Sweden called Muddus Hjortron AB, which translates as Muddus Cloudberry Inc (unfortunately their website is in swedish only). They specialise in making products from northern berries like cloudberry and arctic raspberry. We had six pralines to try, and the heat had made them considerably soft. In fact, when we tasted them, five out of six tasted like mint. We concluded that the heat made the flavour spill over to the neighbouring pralines. I was lucky enough to get the only one that didn't taste mint, instead it was violet flavoured - a quite pleasant taste.

Muddus' pralines are luxury pralines to the standard pattern, but you will definately not be disappointed if you put one in your mouth. The company have been given a diploma by the Swedish Gastronomical Academy (swedish only), which indeed speaks for them. If you want exotic pralines without reverting to strange fillings, these are your men and women. Their website is in swedish only, but most swedes are pretty god at english, so if you email them they'll probably be able to send you prices and lists on available pralines, jams and other items.


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