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A diary concerning all kinds of chocolate. Here I'll comment on chocolate websites and post test protocolls as well as write about other subjects tied to my favourite pastime. I'll test chocolate of all varieties, from the cheap bars at the shop around the corner to the criollo pralines from Fortnum & Mason.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


My current favourite chocolate brand is Divine. They sell milk chocolate and dark (70%) chocolate. The dark one has a pleasent chocolate taste, tinged with a hint of tea. The special thing about the brand is that it's Fair Trade labeled. I'm not a politics person per se - I'd rather stay at home with a cup of cocoa than fighting for a cause, and I want chocolate to be nothing more serious than a treat in life. On the other hand I don't want a bitter aftertaste to it either, and the cocoa workers' conditions are in general horrible. The chocolate industry have taken some steps to change this, but the process is slow, and has been slowing down further in recent years. By buying fair trade chocolate I can be sure that my treat is a light weight treat instead of another peoples burden.

Nuff said about that, but expect a lot more reviews on fair trade chocolate.


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