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A diary concerning all kinds of chocolate. Here I'll comment on chocolate websites and post test protocolls as well as write about other subjects tied to my favourite pastime. I'll test chocolate of all varieties, from the cheap bars at the shop around the corner to the criollo pralines from Fortnum & Mason.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chocolate museum!

I guess this piece of news have travelled around the world by now, but I would be a bad chocolate lover if I didn't include this in my blog. There's a man in Holland who's planning to build a chocolate museum, partly in shape of Willy Wonka's wonderous chocolate factory. Read the BBC article here. The project do have a website on its own, still only in dutch. If you visit it I recommend clicking on the link "film" in the left hand margin. This will lead you to a movie that is a computer generated round trip through the musem, quite fun (you may have to chose heavy or light version for your band width first - so don't stress out if you are asked to make some klicking).

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