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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pralus Chocolatier "Venezuela"

We did our usual shopping at Annelie K today (unfortunately the site is only in swedish, but I've included it because of the pictures). Besides the filled chocolates she sells a big variety of chocolate bars of the posher kind. You'll find most of the finer lables there, and it's there where I buy most of the chocolate I try out for this blog. It's a small treat for my economy that she sells small square bars from a lot of the finer ones, so today we bought eleven smaller bars from Pralus Chocolatier. Unfortunately the information about percentage of chocolate was omitted from this small parcels - except for the one with 80% minimum - but according to the lady in the shop it should be around 70-75%. According to my tastebuds, she's right.

Pralus Chocolatier


Click: On the crumbly side
Bitterness: High, burnt sidetaste
Sweetness: Low
Mouth feeling: One of those chocolates that starts out solid in your mouth, giving you a feeling of tasting a stearin candle, rough when it melts.
Hot chocolate: - (too small amount for that)
Allergic friendly: -

Comment: The wrapping is nice. Apparently Venezuela is pastel pink if you ask Pralus, and the rest of the design are excellent. Unfortunately I was so happy to have a chance to enjoy my chocolate, that I didn't look much at the small bar inside, so I'll comment on that part when I eat my next square. The burnt taste was a surprise to me; usually finer chocolate have sidetastes that are sour or fermented. This sidetaste was more enjoyable. I liked this one.


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