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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cloetta Kexchoklad

The Karin Boye Library at the center for Humansitics at Uppsala University is not a haven for chocolate lovers. I managed to find a selling machine with assorted chocolate bars, and are sitting in a part of the building where I'm allowed to eat. I chose a classic among swedish bars "Kexchoklad" - filled wafers in milk chocolate. The design and logo os so wellknown that Cloetta has made pr for the bar using only the checkered pattern on "Kex". It's pretty similar to Nestlé's "Kitkat" and fairtrade marked "Break"

Fun facts:
*The word "kex" is an swedification of the english word "cakes". Is used for thin, chrispy cakes, like wafers.
*Some people substitute their breakfast or lunch with a Kexchoklad

Sweet and crunchy, not bad at all. But if I have to chose between Kexchoklad and and real meal for lunch I'd chose the meal.


Blogger MrBrownThumb said...

It's interesting how we borrow and lend words in between languages isn't it?

I guess I've learned a new word with "kex."

:0) thanks for the lesson.

7:02 AM  

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